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QA Software Tester

A Games QA Tester is responsible for ensuring that games are free from errors and any other unintended issues.

A QA Tester will have to play a lot of games! Whilst that appeals to a large amount of people don't think that the role is as simple as this. The QA Tester will have to analyse issues within games, deconstruct these issues and errors and then make recommendations to the relevant people to ensure that they are resolved favourably.

The QA Tester has a unique position within the game development framework. Whilst a Game Designer will be responsible for the big ideas and strategy and an Artist / Animator will be responsible for the look and feel of a game and the Game Programmer is much more technology orientated, QA Tester is the person whose job it is to ensure that a game goes from start to finish whilst producing the best gameplay experience for the user.

Below are some of the key objectives that are part of the QA Tester course:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of games testing and QA so the student is able to take up a position in the industry at the QA Tester Technician level
  • Teach current industry methodology for performing QA and testing with relevant software applications
  • Teach industry terminology to ensure that the student is able to work in the industry with confidence
  • Improve understanding of technical and theoretical issues facing QA Testers and the industry as a whole with lectures from experienced industry professionals
  • Provide students with ample practical scenarios to enable them to create a portfolio of work and case studies for future use when seeking employment
  • Introduce students to the game development workflow process and how the QA Tester fits into this process
  • To work with the student to help them develop career opportunities

And much more...


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