As a Games Programmer you can earn anything from 20k as...

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Have you ever dreamt of becoming a Games Designer?

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A Games Artist or Animator creates art or animations for a video game.

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A QA Tester is responsible for ensuring that a game works as it is meant to from start to finish.

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Are you looking for a career in the UK video games industry?

If you have a genuine passion for video games then why not build an exciting career by helping to create games and earn a great living from actually making them!

The UK games industry is the 4th largest in the world. 23 of the top 100 studios are based in the UK, which shows the importance of attracting new talent within the UK. Nearly all major companies from around the world have some presence here in the UK.
To break into the dynamic industry of video games development you will need the right set of skills and qualifications, and our training providers can help you to achieve these. To make a start just fill out the form and we will find a suitable course provider for you.

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Q: Are the courses approved & recognised?
Yes, all our courses are recognised by the games industry in the UK and around the world. The courses at Games Courses are built from the ground up over years of experience which will give you the skills and discipline required for today's video games companies.

Q: When do the courses start?
There is a constant enrolment process - new courses are starting all the time and you may enrol at a time to suit you.

Q: Who will teach & instruct me?
Qualified & Experienced Course Tutors.

Q: What qualifications do I need to start studying the different courses?
A Course Advisor will assess each individuals' ability and from the findings recommend which course is best suited.

Q: If I fail an exam?
Exam modules can be re-taken.

Q: What is the cost?
Courses start from as little as 15 per week.


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Why do we ask for your contact information?
The contact information you have provided is solely used to assist us in providing you with more information about the training courses you have selected - WE DO NOT SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH ANY OTHER PARTY.

- Minimum age requirement is 17 years.
- Courses start from as little as £15/week.