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Games Programmer

Games programmers are the core component to all games production. They create the code that forms the foundation of all games and work to interrelate all of the various components; the characters, the environments, the vehicles, etc. into an interactive entertainment product. Games programming is a specialist field requiring commitment and discipline which is key to building success in any career. The work is demanding and exciting, but can be richly rewarding.

In order to work as a Games Programmer you need to be qualified. We will help you find a provider who can help you to achieve industry-recognised qualifications.

What can you learn as Games Programmer?

  • Game Programming
  • Object Orientated Programming
  • Visual Studio Express
  • C++ Language including syntax, variables, initialisation, arrays and numeric & string types Other programming areas such as structures & unions, loops, functions, arguments and many more 2D Maths Coordinate Systems
  • 2D Limitations
  • Libraries
  • Image Formats, Compressions and Sprite
  • Direct X
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer
  • 3D Programming
  • Creating a UI
  • Debugging

And much more...
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